Will do a Foreigner training / Employee education service

Have you prepared for the increase of foreign workers?

It is good news for companies that are currently considering new foreign recruitment or companies who are troubled by foreign national training and employee education.

By asking Crossroad Japan for foreign training and employee education services, it is possible to reduce the effort to formulate a new training and education curriculum, and it helps to improve the skills of foreign workers, nurture them on mental side and prevent problems.

Benefits of asking Crossroad Japan for alien training and employee education services

  • Learning greetings and knowledge about Japanese rules and manners
  • Stimulate motivation for foreigners to upgrade skills
  • Promote foreign leader training
  • Foreign staff mental care study group
  • Foreigners’ living support in Japan

For details please contact Crossroad Japan.
With our expertise handling foreign staff, you can request us with confidence.

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