Belarus Information

Area and Population: Approximately 0.5 times the size of Japan, population is about 9.5 million
Capital: Minsk
Business related cities other than Minsk: Gomeli, Mogilhov, Brest, Vitepsk etc.

Ethnic Groups:Approximately 84% of Belarusians, about 8% of Russians, 3% of Poles, 1% of Ukrainians
After under the rule of the Soviet Union, in 1991 signed an independent national community establishment agreement with Russia and Ukraine.

Main Industry: Industry, Commerce, Agriculture
Export:Minerals, chemical products · rubber, machinery · transport machinery, food and agricultural products etc.
Import:Minerals, machinery / transport machinery, chemical products / rubber, food, agricultural products etc.

Places to Visit:Nesvizh Castle, Brest Fortress, Khatyn Memorial

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