Aichi Tourist Information

Full of unknown charm!

What is the source of the spirit of Aichi Prefecture, which has a long history and industrial development? There are many unknown attractions!
It is an economic and transportation center in the Chubu region, and has unique gourmet and leisure facilities, making it a very attractive area for sightseeing.
Here are some of the main tourist attractions in Aichi Prefecture.

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden is a zoo and botanical garden in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. There are about 500 kinds of animals in the zoo. You can enjoy 7000 kinds of plants while strolling in the botanical garden.

Nagoya Castle

This is the plain castle of the best castle techniques from the Sengoku period. It is also known that Kiyomasa Kato worked on the castle building ordered by Ieyasu Tokugawa.
Many buildings were destroyed by the Second World War, but as the Honmaru Palace is restored, there is a move to restore it.
The gorgeous Honmaru palace, the large and beautiful garden, and the majestic castle tower are full of highlights.

Toyota Industrial Technology Museum

It was constructed using the location and the building of the test plant that Toyoda Sakichi established for research and development of weaving machines in 1894.
This museum is full of spectacular exhibits, from the manufacturing technology since the founding of Toyota to the current robot industry.

Atsuta Jingu

It is a shrine where Kusanagi Sword that is one of three kinds of sacred treasures sits. In the precincts, there are the tombs of Yang Gui Fei, an ancient Chinese beauty, and the “Nobunaga Wall” that has been dedicated by Nobunaga Oda to thank for winning in the Okehazama battle.
A quiet and sobering shrine surrounded by large trees, in the midst of the urban noise.

National Treasures Inuyama Castle

It is a castle of a national treasure towering on a cliff. The view from the top of the Tenshu is a superb view.