Aichi Sightseeing One Day Tour

Enjoy the Unknown Charm!

Aichi Prefecture, a place of long history and industrial development, it is a great satisfying tour full of charm to uncover the source of its energy!

  • Optional tour of 2 to 10 people, who want to know more about Aichi and Nagoya city.
  • Industrial sightseeing, historical sites, beer factory and various experiences.
  • Departing hotel, in the evening It is dissolved in hotel arrival.

Participate in this opportunity. Let’s enjoy the unknown charm of Aichi to its fullest!

Tour Contents

Tour ① Tokugawaen and Toyota Commemorative Museum Tour (Tour fee: 9,000JPY/person)

Tokugawaen is a Japanese garden, with numerous highlights around a pond in it’s center. It was the mainstream style of major daimyo gardens during the Edo period. It is supposed to be the beginning of a house built as a secret place for the Owari clan’s second lord. It was used as a general park after the air strike in 1945, but it was renewed as a Japanese garden in the autumn of 2004.
After enjoying the adjacent Tokugawa Art Museum, we recommend ou to walk around the garden slowly.
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology was built using a loom factory founded by Sakichi Toyoda in 1911.
The exhibition will allow us to learn about the history of Toyota Industries and Toyota Motor vehicles and to take a close look at the Toyota Group’s “Monodzukuri (products creating)” thinking.
10:00 will pick you up at your hotel. → 11:00 Tokugawaen → 13:00 Nagoya Meal Lunch
14:00 Toyota Commemorative Museum → 16:00 will send you to your hotel

Tour ② Kiyosu Castle and Kirin Brewery Plant Tour (Tour fee: 10,000/person) ※

Kiyosu Castle
Kiyosu castle, known as the castle of Nobunaga Oda, is located in a center that brought dynamic changes of Japan’s warring States era.
In addition to the history of Sengoku’s capital “Kiyosu” and feathered warlords such as Nobunaga, featuring armor, striking dressing and fire-gun demonstration etc. are carried out.
Kirin Brewery Nagoya Plant
Kirin Brewery Nagoya Plant is in near Kiyosu Castle. At this beer factory, you can experience the secret of the best of beer of giraffe by applying for a factory tour in advance.
10:00 will pick you up at your hotel. → 11:00 Kiyosu Castle → 12:30 Lunch at Kiyosu
14:00 Kirin Brewery Plant Tour → 16:30 will send you to your hotel

Tour ③ Inuyama Castle and the Museum Meiji-Mura Tour (Tour fee: 15,000/person)

Inuyama Castle
Inuyama Castle rises was built on the cliff along the Kiso River at the northern tip of Aichi Prefecture. It is an impressive castle making use of natural harm.
The castle tower is said to be the oldest among the existing ones nationwide. The castle town is also tasteful and crowded with many tourists.
Museum Meiji-Mura
The museum Meiji-Mura collects and preserves the buildings and cultural assets of the Meiji era where Japan built the foundation of modernization. You can feel the energy of the Japanese people in the Meiji era who turned around from long years of isolation policy and rapidly advanced modernization.
9:30 will pick you up at your hotel. → 11:00 Inuyama Castle → 13:00 Lunch at Inuyama Downtown
14:00 The Museum Meiji-Mura → 17:00 will send you to your hotel

Tour ④ Toyota Plant and Okazaki Castle Tour (Tour fee 18,000/person) ※

Toyota Motor Plant
By applying for a factory tour in advance, you can observe the production method of Toyota cars. We depart from the Toyota Kaikan by bus, will look around assembly plants and welding plants.
Okazaki Castle
Okazaki Castle is famous as a castle where Tokugawa Ieyasu was born. The castle tower that was reconstructed into a three-floor five-storey building in 1959 is also counted in the 100 famous castles in Japan. The history of Okazaki Castle is exhibited in the venue. In addition, at the Ieyasu-kan of Mikawa Samurai, Ieyasu’s birth to the unification of the universe are exhibited.
9:00 will pick you up at your hotel. → 10:30 Toyota Kaikan Museum and Plant Tour → 13:00 Lunch
14:00 Okazaki Castle → 18:00 will send you to your hotel

※ Advance reservation is required for Kirin Brewery and Toyota plant tour.

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