Corporate Philosophy

Human Power
Value Creation

Even how the technology improves, the “human” can only create and develop it.
We started business to contribute widely by expecting development and growth of human itself first and foremost.

[ Corporate philosophy ]

– Social contribution and activation of human
Out theme is “human”.

We will grow with customers together by the close relationship-building, and will contribute for the community until overseas. This is our corporate philosophy.

[ Corporate policy ]

– 3 “C” spirits
Chance ( business chance )
Challenge ( strong will to challenge )
Creative ( idea and creativity )
With the 3 “C” spirits, we deliver valuable intelligences.

[ Benefits to Order Crossroad Japan ]

1. We find the most suitable staffs anytime as needed by customers
2. Can reduce cost of personnel affairs / the personnel management
3. Can reduce cost of employee upbringing – skilled workers staffing
4. We offer various intelligence (information) to customers as Crossroad Japan