Interpretation and translation servics

Crossroad Japan offers interpretation and translation services between Japanese and Ukrainian, Russian and other foreign languages. The outline of each interpreter / service and fee is as follows.

【Interpretation Fee】
Interpretation of tours, social gatherings, conferences, negotiations etc
1 day (within 8 hours): From 40,000 yen (including tax)
half day (within 4 hours): From 26,000 yen (tax included)

In the case of more than 8 hours, if the interpreter is overnight, you may need to pay overtime and/or late night charge.
Travel expenses, food expenses etc. necessary for interpreting will be charged.
If the contents of the interpreter require prior consultation for reasons such as professional examinations, we may ask you for a preliminary consultation fee burden.

【Translation fee (tax excluded)】
Japanese → Ukrainian / Russian Other languages ​​From 3,000 yen (per 400 words)
Ukrainian · Russian Other languages ​​→ Japanese From 3,000 yen (per 100 words)

Translation fee may vary depending on expertise. Please contact us first.