Marketing Research Service

We – Crossroad Japan – deliver various services for customers who want to expand sales in Japan and other countries.
We deliver customer support for marketing research in Japan and other countries.
We will support customers fully so as to make their sales expansion more efficient, on according to customers requests and by proposing proactively.
Our service will enable to reduce promotion cost for products and services, and to accelerate business speed.

Support Contents

– Proposals – We will propose sales items and methods in accordance with customers’ future prospects.
– Brand Image – We carry out the promotional activities from logo and mark planning to improve our client’s brand image of domestic and overseas.
– Research – We will carry out market research and competitors research of domestic and overseas, and make planning competitive sales promotion.
– Consumer Monitoring – We will carry out monitoring at local market, and conduct such as comparative evaluation of products, opinions and impressions collections, to help improve products and services.
– Test Sales – We will implement and support the test sales in small lots at the local market.
– Service Manual Production – We will be able to make service manuals in following languages.
Japanese, English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Ukrainian

Benefits to Order Crossroad Japan

– Will meet the needs of customers and provide the best service at any time
Possible to provide necessary support from various services.
The efficient operation by accumulation of sales know-how.

– Can reduce cost of update procedures and management in various languages
We will significantly reduce your work of the annoying service manual update, management and information exchange with local.
We will help you to reduce variable and fixed costs.

– Can reduce cost of local staff training
We can reduce your time and effort to educate local employees by supporting or acting for local staff education and training.
Reduction of education and training of overseas human resources.