Business Inspection Tour in Japan


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– To expand business to the midland area of Japan.
– For those who are interested in importing made in Japan.
– For those who want to export resources, foods, machines, parts etc.
– Inspecting business cities (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and other main cities)

Join us in this opportunity. You will find significant business hints!

Pickup Cities in Japan

Tokyo: The capital and the largest city of Japan. Center of Kanto area with approximately 13 million population.
Yokohama: The second largest city of Japan with approximately 3.7 million population. Important commercial hub of greater Tokyo area.
Nagoya: The largest city in the Chubu region (midland) of Japan with approximately 2.2 million population. The Nagoya port has the biggest amount of cargo and trade in Japan.
Kyoto: Formerly imperial capital of Japan with more than 1000 years history. With approximately 1.5 million population.
Osaka: The largest city of Kansai region of Japan with approximately 2.7 million population. The city of commerce and the major economic center.
Sapporo: The largest city of Hokkaido island of northern Japan with approximately 1.9 million population. Major industries include information technology, retail, and tourism.
Kitakyushu: The city located at north of Kyushu island of south-west Japan. It has approximately close to one million population.

Tour Contents

Date/Hour: Contact us with your preferred date and time. We will adjust later.
Min departs personnel: 10 persons
Visit Style: Set-dissolution at Chubu International airport,
Tour period: 5 nights 6 days
Tour includes (can add or change by request):
– Social gathering and business talk with managements in Japan
– Meeting with government officials
– Guidance of commerce and study sessions of Japan industries and market
– Inspection business district, tourist destinations, and the development area.

Tour fee from 350,000 to 550,000 JPY per person *
* Hotels, all meals, transportation fees included
* Full attendant in Japan, and local interpreters will be provided
* The tour fee can be changed. Please contact for correct fees.

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